Genelec 8250A Mixing and Mastering Monitors

Genelec 8250A Mixing and Mastering Monitors is an advanced 2-way monitor speaker ideal for use in professional studios. The speaker has a Minimum Diffraction Enclosure that houses an woofer and a tweeter. A Directivity Control Waveguide works with the MDE enclosure to provide a flat frequency response, excellent imaging precision, and minimal listening fatigue. A…

Tyler Acoustics D1x SE Mastering Version

We are proud to introduce our new D1x. 70” tall loudspeakers monsters Hand-built with custom crossovers by Danny Richie! They are an new updated Mastering version of popular. One of the most detailed and accurate speakers for mastering and audiophiles over 50 mastering studios around the world trusted as a reference speakers for mastering studio!…

Furman P-2400 IT

Furman P-2400 IT Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner for Mastering 20 Amp Rating, Symmetrically Balanced Power, Surge Protection, Noise Filtration, Voltage Protection, 20 Amp Rating, Isolated Banks, Voltmeter / Ammeter, Diagnostic Lights.


ANTELOPE AUDIO 2-CHANNEL MASTERING CONVERTER Premium Hi-End with audiophile accuracy and clarity from an AD/DA stereo converter and master clock. Master clock with Burr-brown converters, Dual-DAC architecture, acoustically focused clocking technology, AFC Jitter Management. Mastering grade 24-bit/192kHz Superior engineering gives you flexibility on the Top world-class studio sound.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Mastering shelving EQ Dangerous design team took inspiration from early 60s and 70s of classic Baxandall shelving EQ to create a unique and sonic signature mastering equalizer with a 21st century aesthetic. Unique and sweet sonic characteristic backed up expansion with audiophile accuracy.

Dangerous Music Liaison

Dangerous Music Liaison Mastering transfer console transparent analog circuitry allows seamlessly integrates the power of signal processing by easy insertion of mastering chain such as equaliser, compressor, limiters and de-essers etc. M/S mid-side processing loop allows unprecedented control of the stereo image and enhancement of source signal thru mastering chain. Dangerous Music Master represents the…

SSL 400 G Buss Compressor

SSL 400 G Buss Compressor 1U G Series is the world & King of Master compressor most successful studio production console elements within a Super Analogue design topology this brings the dual benefits of spectacular audio performance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic key element in the sound of many of these recordings is punch…