How to prepare a track for Mastering

Remove Compressors,Limiters or any Plug-ins from the Stereo Master output channel. Turn the master output level down to the peak music level does not go above -4.0 / -5.0dB. Mixdown your track in the format WAV or AIFF 24 Bit 48 kHz. Name your files: artist name / song title / track tempo “bpm”. Make…


Genelec 8250A Mixing and Mastering Monitors

Genelec 8250A Mixing and Mastering Monitors is an advanced 2-way monitor speaker ideal for use in professional studios. The speaker has a Minimum Diffraction Enclosure that houses an woofer and a tweeter. A Directivity Control Waveguide works with the MDE enclosure to provide a flat frequency response, excellent imaging precision, and minimal listening fatigue. A…


Tyler Acoustics D1x SE Mastering Version

We are proud to introduce our new D1x. 70” tall loudspeakers monsters Hand-built with custom crossovers by Danny Richie! They are an new updated Mastering version of popular. One of the most detailed and accurate speakers for mastering and audiophiles over 50 mastering studios around the world trusted as a reference speakers for mastering studio!…


Furman P-2400 IT

Furman P-2400 IT Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner for Mastering 20 Amp Rating, Symmetrically Balanced Power, Surge Protection, Noise Filtration, Voltage Protection, 20 Amp Rating, Isolated Banks, Voltmeter / Ammeter, Diagnostic Lights.